Getting noticed starts with having an amazing look that is fresh, modern and represents your brand.  See our portfolio for examples of our design.

Search Friendly

Search Engine Optimization is important to you.  Get found by more people for more keywords.  Our Search Marketing offering is top class and results driven.

Showcase products, enage with clients, monitor stock, orders re-order and maximise sales.  Contact us for a full and comprehensive quote on your online-shop.


Transform your business with African Web Science!

Content Management Solutions

African Web Science has over 15 years of cumulative experience developing customized content management systems.  We primarily use and recommend the Drupal CMS which is used to power some of the world’s biggest sites.  We are very interested to hear about your business model, your data structure and your concept so that we can brainstorm ideas for the best possible interface for your clients and staff.

Easy Updates

Gone are the days when a website was static.  Our customers want to be able to make additions to their site as easy as they make changes to their Facebook status.  At African Web Science we design your website from the inside out, first planning how you as a client will want to change the site over time and then designing the best possible interface around your needs.

Search Engine Marketing

“If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”  -  You can have the best website but if no-one visits then it is of no value to your company.  At African Web Science we develop sites that are Google-friendly from the start and then work with the customer to ensure the best possible rankings through a campaign of on-going search engine optimization (SEO).

Customer Support

Our support hosting and maintenance plan is both affordable and extensive.  We give you the ability to update your site but also allow stand by just in-case you would like us to perform the updates for you.  We understand that there is a learning curve and are always ready to walk you through the process of adding, updating or deleting site content.  Give us a call even if just to say “hello”.

Hosting in the cloud

We host all our websites in the cloud.  We use the world’s best rated virtual private server (VPS) solution allowing your site to be hosted internationally on multiple servers for optimal access at reduced latency.  Unlike many South African hosting companies, we do not impose any bandwidth, storage or traffic restrictions.  You get unlimited traffic, unlimited bandwidth and a 99.97% guaranteed uptime per year or your money back!

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